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Rank the five countries that have the best health care systems in the world and support your rankings. You should assess, for each country, in no particular order of import, the factors listed below. You are encouraged to consider any and all factors not listed below that you deem important in coming to your conclusions and supporting them.

  1. Income tax rates.
  2. Quality of healthcare across all economic spectrums.
  3. Profitability to health care providers (hospitals and doctors). Does the system compensate based on people being healthy? Is compensation to hospitals and/or doctors based on health advisable? Why or why not?
  4. The extent, if any, that countries system has a less healthy average patient population, including but not limited to obesity, diabetes and hypertension.
  5. Longevity.
  6. Access to emergent and non-emergent care.
  7. How free is the freedom to choose a doctor? Is there evidence that complete freedom to choose a doctor increases quality of care, disease survival rates or cure rates?
  8. Are the best specialists for serious and rare diseases seeing some, most or all the patients in that country with those rare diseases?
  9. Is the size of the country and economic diversity of its citizens sufficient to extrapolate to the largest countries in the world (eg., countries like Dubai or Qatar, may or may not have systems that could be mimicked by France, Canada or the United States).
  10. The laws or regulations in place that have materially impacted why they have one of the top five best health care systems in the world.

Conclude, based on all your analysis, with your definition of what it means to have one of the top five best health care systems in the world. From your definition, detail why you ranked the top five in the order you did.



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